Ports & Harbours

Ports & Harbours

Please note that we do not manage any ports or harbours and do not have responsibility for managing berthing. 

The Firth has 31 historic ports and harbours scattered the length of the coastline. It is the northern outlet of the Caledonian Canal system. The majority of these are fishing ports but some, especially in the inner Firths, have been very important for trade and military purposes.

The Cromarty Firth is one of the deepest water harbours in the UK, and has provided an important role for the military, trade, the oil industry and tourism, and regularly welcomes the very largest cruise liners. Whilst many have struggled in recent times with the decline of the fishing industry, some have maintained a diverse and important role in respect of trade, oil and tourism.

Inverness has a 150 berth marina, and other harbours are installing pontoons, new berths and improving onshore facilities to service the increasing demand for recreational sailing and other leisure activities. This is helping to increase the number of local and visiting craft that can be accommodated and to increase local revenue from tourism.

Moray Firth Harbours Directory

The Moray Firth Harbours Directory provides basic information in one location about all the publicly accessible ports and harbours around the Moray Firth from John O’Groats to Fraserburgh, including those owned, maintained and operated by Aberdeenshire, Moray and Highland Councils, private and Trust Ports and other organisations.

Map of Moray Firth harbours.

Moray Firth Coastal Partnership Actions

What we will do

We will engage with ports & harbours in establishing a sustainable ecological and business environment. This will include identifying problems and forming collaborative and co-operative solutions.

We will know when we have achieved this when

All ports and harbours in the Moray Firth have best practice environmental measures to protect the waters which are our life blood.

All ports and harbours have sustainable business practices which maximise opportunities for local people and attract new people and businesses to the area.

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