The Moray Firth coast is home to many diverse businesses. Of particular interest to the Partnership are those businesses who have a role to play in the marine environment – recreation & tourism, energy and fishing & aquaculture. More detail on these sectors can be found on the relevant pages (under construction). However any business in the coastal region can become a member of the Partnership.

The current COVID situation is of major concern and HMRC COVID Guidance provides information on support to businesses during this period. The Partnership will be monitoring economic recovery guidance closely and will provide updated information to businesses as it becomes available.

Scotland’s Economic Strategy outlines the vision to unlock Scotland’s potential to be a strong, vibrant and diverse country with a cohesive and resilient economy. The Partnership wishes to contribute to this vision.

The current Economic Strategies of the 3 local authority areas in which we work are found here: Moray CouncilAberdeenshire Council , Highland Council (to follow).

To ensure thriving communities, we will identify actions that promote sustainable training, employment and business opportunities across the coastal region. We will know that we will have achieved our vision when the Moray Firth is home to thriving communities with inspiring education, sustainable employment and business opportunities.

It is not the role of the Partnership to interfere with local business or the desirability of outcomes, but rather to operate in a supporting role, making connections, identifying issues and working in partnership to provide solutions. As a member of the Partnership, local businesses can ensure that they are consulted on matters relevant to them, and have the opportunity to raise issues that cut across a number of sectors.  The Partnership will maintain an oversight of issues by ensuring representation at relevant groups.